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Advanced Training Concepts
The Difference is The Mission

Advanced Training Concepts is very different from any
gym or fitness program.

Advanced Training Concepts teaches Kettlebell Lifting according to World Kettlebell Club Methodology. One of ATC's performance goals for all Students and Athletes is to create a a level of strength and conditioning within the individual that allows for the completion of a timed set of up to 20 minutes of continuous Kettlebell Lifting (without putting the kettlebell down). An equally important performance goal is to create a level of technical proficiency within the Student or Athlete that will allow the completion of the timed set with excellent technique and composure. Ideally, the first repetition, the last repetition, and all repetitions in between should appear the same regardless of the level of fatigue, physical stress, or discomfort experienced by the lifter. Creating this level of conditioning is no simple task but once created offers a level of fitness most people will never experience. Time and dedication are required.

ATC’s curriculum focuses on safety, efficiency of movement, and proper execution of all methods of exercise instructed. The Kettlebell has proven to be one of the most effective training tools in existence but only when used properly for its intended purpose: Timed Sets of high-repetition ballistic lifting.

ATC prides itself on having a diverse group of members that help to create a supportive and encouraging environment for all. We also have a nationally recognized competitive Kettlebell Team comprised of our own members.

Effort -
We train hard and expect anyone that comes through our doors to put forth maximum effort regardless of the level of fitness. Effort is a mental action and has nothing to do with levels of strength or conditioning. We use Failure as measure. If you never fail it is only because you are not challenging yourself; you are only doing what you know you are capable of and not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

The focus of all ATC training is the creation of athleticism through proper movement, bio-mechanics, and effective programming that achieves results. If we increase your Strength, Power, Endurance, Flexibility, Coordination, Stamina, and Speed, how can you not “look” fit?

All successful athletes have Coaches, no exceptions. There is a vast difference between selecting a handful of random exercises to be done in a circuit, and designing specific programming based on sports performance. ATC uses proven methods based on decades of research and backed by the results of our own performance as a Team.

High Performance
We want performance! We want you to be able to do things that you did not think possible!

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